If I Knew Then Advice on careers, finance, and life from Harvard Business School's Class of 1963

Ron Leslie


Steps to find fulfilling work:

  1. Take the initiative to investigate the places you think are of interest. Ask good questions.
  2. Go with the self-assurance of having written on an index card each of your past accomplishments (including where you simply helped other people do their thing) in three forms:
    1. A simple phrase; e.g., “top salesman in New York office for three years”
    2. A three-sentence statement of the problem, your solution, and the result
    3. A one-page explanation or anecdote to share if asked to give details
  3. Use those cards deftly to encourage people to talk to you — showing you listen on their level and understand whatever they tell you. Remember: The more they talk, the smarter they’ll think you are.
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Marriage & Family

The sweetest words in the English language are, “Granddad, would you like to …?”

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Charity & Spirituality

Forget about “religion” and “spirituality.” What’s important is not those, but “relationship.” The sooner we appreciate that we have a loving God, the sooner we can enjoy the great bounty that flows from a warm relationship with him. One of these is true charity of the heart.

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Growing Older

Humans need to be doing meaningful work. At any age. Or they die.

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Life's Lessons

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