If I Knew Then Advice on careers, finance, and life from Harvard Business School's Class of 1963

Thomas E. Reilly Jr.


Go where things are changing — or about to change. Quietly but firmly get ahead of that wagon.

I can see humor in almost every situation. It really helps in making decisions and keeping my sanity.

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Money to me is freedom. That is all I want of it. I don’t view it as a yardstick and do not measure myself or others by it. My greatest admiration is for non-financial accomplishment.

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Marriage & Family

Be committed to the family, even at the expense of work. Stay sunny. Keep a sense of humor.

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A good leader must manage the present in the context of the future, and keep both balls in the air. He needs to be a coach, a leader, an inspirer, and a taskmaster. He must respect his people. He has to trust and mistrust — trust but verify — at the same time (sort of a blend of several forms of managerial schizophrenia).

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Life's Lessons

The return on showing respect to people — even those not deserving of it — is very high.

Be ever skeptical, because BS is everywhere, but don’t pre-judge or jump to conclusions.

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I sometimes fell prey to the management fads of the time, and tried to push the future too fast. 

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Charity & Spirituality

I think all three are necessary. You have to think of the plight of others all the time and, with money and time together, help create a quality of life for the community.

I do not think I could handle the grief, the temptation, the disappointments, and the love if I did not feel anchored in faith. Prayer does help on tough decisions, if only by focusing you.

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Growing Older

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I think a good businessperson must understand capitalism and the philosophy that underpins it. I think a faith is all that is needed to chart the ethics, the respect for others, the proper position of doing good, and the self-discipline to perform at a high level.

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