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Paul Rosenbaum

Marriage & Family

The two most important decisions one makes in life are where you go to school and whom you choose to marry. All else follows from these choices. 

While there are several obvious traits to be sought in a spouse — mutual love, attractiveness, and intelligence — one overlooked but important quality is kindness. Marriage brings both shared happiness and challenges. Kindness allows both parties to understand and empathize with each other as they mutually solve the issues that enter their lives.

Another important element is religion. The couple-to-be should discuss in advance of marriage what religion they will observe and what religious practices they will maintain when they marry, and especially when they have children.

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Keep re-inventing yourself through self-education, because industries change quickly.

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Charity & Spirituality

Each of us is not an island but a part of families, communities, nations, and the human race. Our world isn’t perfect and never has been. My belief is that one’s role is to fix the world, wherever we find it broken. G-d leaves us free to discover the problem, as well as to develop the solution.

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