If I Knew Then Advice on careers, finance, and life from Harvard Business School's Class of 1963

Mathew Frauwirth

Marriage & Family

Do not try to determine your children’s future for them. Support them in their choices. We did, and have been blessed with two college professors and a dean.

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Happiness should be the yardstick of success.

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Happiness & Success

Success is being satisfied and having made a positive contribution to one’s community. Have you left it better than you found it?

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Life's Lessons

Take life day by day — well, maybe month by month. Don’t get hung up on rigid long-range plans. Something will always come up to interrupt them — illness, storms, the economy, etc. Go with the flow.

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Leadership depends greatly on one’s personality. It requires the ability to get others to participate. Not everyone can do this. I prefer to work “behind the scenes” in getting things done — analyzing all the components of a project and seeing that they’re all dealt with, even if I have to do them.

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