If I Knew Then Advice on careers, finance, and life from Harvard Business School's Class of 1963

Vernon R. Loucks, Jr. on Leadership

While the Harvard Business School was not a leadership course, it has been a source of inspiration and a valuable resource for everyone in business by teaching the value of preparation, the ability to think, and express ideas clearly and objectively.

The Marine Corps, on the other hand, was on-the-job leadership training that forced the education of all its officers and trained them to accept the responsibility to lead a large number of others.

What excited me about this experience was the necessity of getting things done through others, and gaining their trust and commitment to succeed in every mission we undertook together. All of us learned the power of a group of talented, well-trained individuals in attaining an objective where each one knew his role and executed it flawlessly.

It’s no different in the business world than in the military. Well-prepared, well-educated, well-motivated individuals perform well in every part of life.

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